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Hi. Well. After spending an evening and next morning talking to a Superuser on Ton Ton’s community I have established that the TomTom Camper will work (by adding POIs to MyDrive on the web) not the app and it will then send them via WiFi to gps 

So I ordered one - choosing to pay more via Amazon as nowhere could you speak to a real person at TomTom and I reckoned if all wasn’t as hoped Amazon would take a return without problems 

It arrives tomorrow 

It’s a shame that main gps manufacturers are not supporting Mac these days

But I take your point about model Elwyn


On Mon, 28 Dec 2020 at 14:24, Elwyn <webforum.emails@...> wrote:
On 23/12/2020 09:36, Carol Weaver wrote:
> Yes I noticed yesterday when looking as your suggested that they too
> have gone android way as Garmin!!
> Am now,after a lot of research, decided that going via the Xgody route
> is probably only way  to go.
> I have asked on the Nozatec Facebook page and apparently a guy does use
> his with a Mac ok

Yes, but you need to verify that he has the same Mac as you. The
previous Garmin you had worked on the older Mac but not the new one you

So specify the exact model you have, that it is 64 bit only and NOT 32
bit at all!


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