Re: Happy Christmas

Ernest Bull

On 25 Dec 2020, at 10:05, Peter S <peter@...> wrote:

Whilst the snow is not deep and crisp and even here in Kent it is a cold and frosty morning and  I understand that some may have the white stuff. The bird bath is frozen solid and the long tail tits, which we haven’t seen for a while, have visited the bird table along with a greater spotted woodpecker. The blue and great tits are about as usual along with sundry sparrows and robins.

Well, right now, here in Bristol, the sun is shining so brightly that we have had to pull the curtains. And although it was chilly earlier, we have a window and the balcony door open. I was just saying to my lockdown companion that we don’t need a Christmas trees, all we need are Easter eggs, for it’s Spring-time out there. 

But we envy you, we haven’t seen a sparrow in years. And what is a great tit? We only get pigeons and magpies.

But I’ve checked the calendar and it is Xmas Day, so may I join you, Peter, in wishing everyone a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a COVID-FREE 2021 so that you can all get back to enjoying your motorhomes.


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