Re: covid app

Alan Cocks

(Long time no see! Hi)

I spend a lot of time in my old age delving around the internet and
checking lots of stuff out. (Some here may recall my interest in
computers etc? Still ongoing).

I kept tripping over coronanvirus and covid etc and - although details
are off topic here, I would say that not everything is as it seems to be.
Some things in a good way, and some things in a not so good way.

In the midst of the panic my mother in law passed away in a care home
in Lincolnshire. Not of coronavirus, of old age, 99). However, we were
refused permission to attend the funeral because the vicar said we
were too old.... (yes that was his ruling).

I will not be installing the NHS app, and if push comes to shove,
business from me will be lost.

Temperature measurement is advised against in Government guidelines
because of inaccuracy and its lack of relevance - it can give a false
sense of security anyway. A friend locally was hospitalised with said
covid, and did not have a temperature (!)

Cashless has advantages, but cash can be important.

I moved all my accounts away from a bank which could not offer me a
traditional non-contactless card, to a bank which could offer that option.

I wish everyone here happy travelling and all the best!
I am not able to come to the list much at all and the projects which
take my time are off topic here.
However it is worth a repeat - not everything currently is what it
seems to be. Good luck to us all!


On 16/10/2020 23:32, timsinc Sinclair wrote:
Disagree or not, like it or not, now got to have that Covid app to
pitch up with the Caravan and Motorhome Club.

In an email today:
"All members will be asked to register their attendance at our sites
through the NHS Test & Trace App to record their visit. In addition,
we may check the residential addresses on our system to confirm
arriving members are not from an area that does not permit travel."

Full-timing, use their sites fair bit, with some booked in coming
days. So far resisted this surveillance, with concerns and expressed
by some here.

Oh for pre-smartphone days!


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