Re: Amazon Kindle

Don Madge

Thanks for all the input.

Maureen has a Paperwhite, I've tried it out but struggle asI have benign tremors, In fact I have all the outward signs of parknsons but don't actually have it. I can no longer  write, struggle with a knife and fork. With arthritis in both hands I really struggle with the paperwhite even using a stylus.
I asked Maureen about battery life and she said she keeps it on airplane mode she found the battery lasted longer.

I looked at Alan's suggestion but it was far too complicated for me.

I'll struggle with my kindle as long as I can, I find it easy to use with a stylus.
Regards to Bill
Stay safe 

On Thu, 1 Oct 2020 at 09:44, Nick <nickoff2@...> wrote:
Hi Don, hope you and Maureen are well. Like others on here I now have the Paperwhite after my original Kindle died. It is certainly easier to read from compared with the old one but the drawbacks for me are the lower battery life and not being able to use the internet like I could with the first Kindle. Ok it wasn't brilliant for surfing but did come in handy sometimes. A few years ago I was given a couple of cds, remember them? They have hundreds of books on them, many are recent. I've transferred a couple of hundred onto my machine so have enough reading material to last for awhile yet. 

Regards, Nick and Bill.

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