Re: Trailers in Stelplatz and French equivalents

Carol Weaver

The other thing is electric bikes.  We have neither


On Tue, 1 Sep 2020 at 09:08, Bennett Family via <> wrote:

I suppose the other consideration is whether you really need to take a car? 

Many of the Aires are in convenient spots within easy walking distance of shops, bars, beaches & tourist attractions.  

We tow a car in this country when we go to Cornwall and to visit relatives in London, but have never bothered on the continent where we have used a mixture of Aires and sites.

On very odd occasions we’ve hired a car for a few days. 

I suppose it depends on how you started motorhoming. We’ve never owned a caravan and always appreciated the ability to move on whenever we want at a moments notice. Towing a car restricts you although I accept it can be very handy at times.


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Dear Carol,

Thanks for the quick reply. Your response is much as I expected. Back to camp sites I suppose!

Andy Owler

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