Re: Trailers in Stelplatz and French equivalents

Carol Weaver

It is not really done thing as spaces are for Motorhomes. Stellplatz seem to be smaller too but like Aires some are just large spaces

We don’t tow and there is nothing more galling to arrive at an aire to find the only space has a trailer in it. We have asked them to move it in the past. 

7.5m seems max on most Stellplatz except on Moselle where many are in fields. 

I suggest google earth might be your friend


On Mon, 31 Aug 2020 at 10:08, andyowl2004 via <> wrote:
We usually tow a small car on a trailer behind our Dethleff (7.6m) and wondered about the acceptability of parking such outfits on Stelplatz and the French equivalents (I cannot remember what the French call them!)

Clearly we would be taking up another pitch and presumably will have to pay for it (no problem with that either).

Have you seen it done and are there any "Do's and Don'ts"? 

Do the locals object and would we be seen as "greedy" especially if the site was busy?

Hoping you can help

Andy Owler

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