Travel to Germany This Year

Mick Potter

We have got itchy feet after having had two trips this year cancelled, and are thinking of going to Europe for a couple of months.
The plan is to take the tunnel, drive straight to Aachen without stopping (425 km from Ashford, about 3-4 hours from Calais, via Belgium) - I think that Carol is thinking of something similar.  Then stay in Germany, moving south if we need to follow the weather, maybe crossing Austria (without stopping) to Italy.  Returning the same way.  Our travel insurance should be OK, except for the short periods in France, Belgium and Austria.  As things stand, we should be able to return to the UK without self-isolating.
If quarantine arrangements change while we're away, we'll just have to self-isolate for a fortnight when we get back - a gamble we'll take.
From what I've read, this should all be possible, but if anyone can see any snags, I'd be grateful to have them pointed out.
Also, does anyone have any knowledge of the German attitude to wild camping?  We don't really like campsites.
Any comments welcomed.

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