Re: Jersey Jaunt - to Orkney

timsinc Sinclair

Anyone been to Orkney? Yes Derek, last year. Loved it. Scenery not as dramatic as the west cost (of Irleand and Scotland on my route there) or the Highlands. But it's a time traveller's dream, evidence there that takes you back 4,500 years before Christ was born.

As well as being rich in prehistoric remains, there's much more recent history to be seen: shipwrecks! That you can drive from one Orkney island to another is, I suppose, a silver lining of two World Wars. Barriers were built in WW2 between them (by Italian POWs) to block access to German U-boats from attacking the Britsh fleet at Scapa Flow. Now the A961 road sits atop them.

I'm sorry I cannot give you the sort of practical information you provide about Jersey, such as campsites or aires, or eateries. Obviously I happily survived finding sleeping spots, but my memories washed away by the magic of walking through the Stones of Stenne and the Ring of Brodgar! ( See attached photo) I could tell you, though, about why WW1 German sailors scuttled their own ships, or the dramatic collapsed sea-cave separated from the sea by a land bridge (the Gloup), but fear wandering too far off topic.


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