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Derek Sims

Hi Martin
Thank Jim for his update, contents duly noted. I see from the list of Official Jersey Campsites, i.e. those for whom the Jersey States will issue the essential Entry Permit, that Haut de La Garenne is listed as Bay View Camping or Jersey Accomodation and Activity Centre. I'm not surprised by the name change - those with long memories will recall that Jersey was dragged unwillingly into the headlines by an investigation into alleged sexual abuse of the inmates. Can't remember the outcome but it wasn't the sort of publicity an island paradise welcomed and the word we got from someone who used to live on Jersey, was that a lot was never revealed, but they shut the home.

Previously it was also the fictional Polce HQ for John Nettles' Bergerac , with whom we shared the distinction of owning a Triumph Roadster. During my first visit 30 years ago one of the three used for filming the series was on display at the Jersey Pearl showroom at St Ouen's. If it's still there it's probably worth more than the pearls! Apparently one the three had such dull paintwork they had to spray it with hair lacquer before every take - or was that John Nettles?

The former Daisy Cottage site is now called The Palms and it is an official site. We have never been there or even seen it, but if we had anything larger than our 5.45 x 2.2m Hymervan I'd want to verify ease of access before booking. It's hard enough to get into Beuvelande, the last part of the route being around some tight corners in a Green Lane, but St Ouen's, away from the coast road, has some of the most tortuous lanes on the Island, as we found out on Monday, but if Jim says the access is good, I'm sure he's right.
The Beaumont Hill storage facility is right alongside us here and owned by Dave & Carolyn as well. They've been down and chatted a number of times since we arrived. and never said anything about buying Daisy Cottage, which I sure they would have. If we see them again before we leave on Monday morning. I can't imagine them ripping anyone with site fees. Mind you, in the site nearest the beach in Woolacombe, and it's still a mile away, £75 was the norm for 4 people in peak season.

Longueville Manor doesn't appear to be on the official list, so it may only take locals. One would need to check if the Jersey States would issue the Permit for a booking there.

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I copied Derek’s email to Jim Rowley who used to be on this List but no longer has a MH. He lives in Jersey and commented:

 One site that Derek missed off in Jersey was Haut De La Garrenne ,the old childrens' home !n Gorey. Our daughter and family use this site quite often because it is easy to walk down to Gorey. The people who run the storage facility on Beaumont Hiil ,going towards the airport i believe have taken over Daisy Cottage site and making improvements, the site is well kept but you still have quite a walk to St Ouens bay. The sites are still all open but used by a lot of local campers on Staycations . Our daughter tells us the sites are very expensive taking advantage of the shortage of sites, typical charge for2 adults and 2 children aged 9 and 6  £50 !
If coming from the Uk it is almost cheaper to fly and stay in a decent hotel !”

He went on to add “ The advantage with the Daisy Cottage and Haut De La Garrenne sites are easy access.” And Longueville Manor needs adding to the list. 


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