Re: CCC membership renewal - not extended?

timsinc Sinclair

On 19/08/2020, Alan Morris <> wrote:

Motorhoming has changed and possibly for the rest of our elderly lifetimes.
Yes, as has nearly all aspects of our lives. Still, this old dog WILL
learn new tricks. Have to with my present full-time way of life. Never
before have I had to spend so many hours over several days to ensure I
have somewhere to pitch from now to at least the beginning of October.
Don't know of any travel/recovery type insurance that covers such.

Covid curtailing our lives certainly. You can give in and cancel all
memberships to life (quibbling over few pounds when we've spent
thousands on our wheels) or accept and adapt to this new reality.
Hateful masks and all.

Sorry if being abrasive, but I'm determined not to let the enemy win.
But then probably one day they'll carry my dead body out of a


On Wed, 19 Aug 2020 at 16:57, Buff via
<> wrote:

We've just received our annual renewal notice from the Camping &
Caravanning Club. So far as I can see no reduction or extension has been
applied to allow for Covid lockdown. The price is £1 up from last year and
the next renewal date is 12 months on from this one.
I received the same many weeks ago.

Since April I have been happy in the knowledge that the CCC was one of the
few organisations extending membership.
I was also of the same opinion, until I received the renewal notice.

However, I cannot see that we ever received the email and we have now
received this renewal notice for the full amount.

Did anyone else receive the email about the extension? Has it been
followed up either by extended membership or a discounted renewal?
Hugh, I can't recall if I had an e-mail or read it in their monthly
magazine. But clearly the promise has not been kept.

So I cancelled the Direct Debit with the CCC, before they could take
from our bank account.

I've just cancelled with CMC and English Heritage.

With ADAC withdrawing from covering members with a UK home address,
that has also stopped.

Motorhoming has changed and possibly for the rest of our elderly lifetimes.


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