Jersey continued

Bennett Family

I copied Derek’s email to Jim Rowley who used to be on this List but no longer has a MH. He lives in Jersey and commented:

 One site that Derek missed off in Jersey was Haut De La Garrenne ,the old childrens' home !n Gorey. Our daughter and family use this site quite often because it is easy to walk down to Gorey. The people who run the storage facility on Beaumont Hiil ,going towards the airport i believe have taken over Daisy Cottage site and making improvements, the site is well kept but you still have quite a walk to St Ouens bay. The sites are still all open but used by a lot of local campers on Staycations . Our daughter tells us the sites are very expensive taking advantage of the shortage of sites, typical charge for2 adults and 2 children aged 9 and 6  £50 !
If coming from the Uk it is almost cheaper to fly and stay in a decent hotel !”

He went on to add “ The advantage with the Daisy Cottage and Haut De La Garrenne sites are easy access.” And Longueville Manor needs adding to the list. 


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