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Copy that. Interesting and entertaining read.

Campervan Tim

On 11/08/2020, Bennett Family via
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Thanks - a great report and congratulations on making it. Looking forward to
reading of the onwards journey to St Malo.

On 11 Aug 2020, at 07:00, Derek Sims <> wrote:

Well, we made It!
Brought the visit forward a week because of our fear of what Bodger Boris
and his merry men would do next. Slow ferry from Portsmouth last Friday at
9am. 12 cars and one motorhome (us). Very easy to keep apart & not wear a
muzzle. Only fly in the ointment a new requirement to have a swab test on
arrival. Free movement until result known 48 Hrs after the test, which
made a farce of the process. 14 days self-isolation if the test showed
positive. We decided not to see the family until we had the results, which
meant risking not seeing them at all.
Plenty of time sunbathing on deck during the crossing with the breeze from
the movement to mitigate the 32C heat during the10hr crossing.
Guernsey, which has had no deaths, has imposed a 14-day quarantine on all
arrivals including residents so not too many holidaymakers disembarking
there! 3 or 4 local cars left there and about 9 joined, but we were still
stopped for an hour because of all the artic trailers that were
off-loaded, to be replaced by empties to be returned to the UK. Watching
this daily operation from above and admiring the skill of the team doing
it reminded of what a vital lifeline the ferries are in enabling islands
like Guernsey to have a lfestyle approaching that of the mainland. A
reminder too of modern UK's vulnerability.
Swab testing at St Helier held us up half an hour and it's hard to see why
it couldn't have been done at Portsmouth during the one and a half hour
wait after last check-in time before loading, or on the ferry.
By 8pm we were hooking-up at the Hideaway Stopover and soon after Dave and
Carolyn turned up to welcome us back and say goodbye to family from
Nottingham in a lovely old restored A Class, who left on Saturday for
Poole. Dave and Carolyn don't live on the site but somewhere nearby,
although they own the site land, including a bungalow and motorhome
storage area, which probably makes them multi-millionaires, such is the
price of real estate on Jersey. However, they're just an ordinary, very
friendly pair of keen motorhomers who like the aires so much they created
one at home.
On Saturday, while waiting for the results, we enjoyed the sun. caught up
on rest and revisited old favourite spots, ending up cooking our meal at
the free parking on the surfing beach of St Ouen's. (Woolacombe parking is
now £10 per day, Jersey is nearly all free, or very cheap). Lots of people
about, hardly any muzzled, except on the buses. Feels very different from
On Sunday morning we got the news that we tested .......negative! so in
the afternoon we were able to meet up with the family on the beach, give
them all a hug and finally meet our new granddaughter , now five months
old, that the lock-up had stopped us seeing at one week. Her three
year-old sister was a bit shy at first. having almost forgotten us, but
that soon disappeared after a good sandcastle building session.
Our next hurdle will be in two weeks time - will we be allowed into France
and what will we find there?
Stay tuned & Stay sane
Rgds to all
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