Re: was Waste disposal now Wild Camping/Aires

Bennett Family

On another list someone was saying that we need to stop using the term “wild camping” as it gives the wrong impression and includes everyone with tents and without facilities. 

Overnight parking places is a better description of what is required for self-contained motorhomes.


On 28 Jul 2020, at 11:57, Brian Reay via <g8osn@...> wrote:

Unfortunately, there are people, including motorhomers, who have no respect for others or the environment (and I'm not a tree hugger).  It seems to be a more common in the UK, litter etc is something you see far less of in Europe (or the USA).  I can't help thinking it is partly why there is so much opposition to the introduction of 'Aires' in the UK and people who 'wild camp', even if they are responsible.  I see there has been  surge in  'wild camping' (more with tents) recently due to  recent events and the police are clamping down due to litter, open fires, etc.  This won't do  the hopes of introducing Aires etc any favours.

Several areas (mainly near the coast) near me (I'm in North Kent) have had restrictions imposed due to people in motorhomes emptying waste etc into road drains or onto the road. This has caused even us problems as I would like to use the motorhome as a 'base' while fishing in the evening and the restrictions apply from 6 or 7 pm. 

We always use sites- we like our 'comforts' but I would like to see Aires in the UK so we could, at least, have the option of over nighting on longer trips etc. 


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