Re: Van Respray

I'm Bazbro

Consider having it done at a boat yard.  They often have facilities for dealing with "big" vehicles like ours and are often overlooked by motorhomers.

On Thu, 16 Jul 2020, 1:22 pm Mick Potter, <mickpotter@...> wrote:
We have an Adria Maxivan, a 10yo converted Fiat Ducato hi-top panel van.  We want to have a respray - the original Fiat paintwork is a Friday afternoon job. Before I start looking for someone to do the respray, I could do with a few bits of advice.

Has anyone experience of having a respray?  Would a 'bog standard' car/van resprayer be OK, or is it worthwhile going to someone with motorhome experience?

Does anyone have any recommendations, preferably (but not necessarily) within easy striking distance of East Hampshire?

Anything else?

TIA for the help.


Please make sure the only e-mail address you use for me is mickpotter@... or mickpotter@....  Any others you may find are likely to be temporary, and to disappear at a moment's notice.  I should hate to miss anything you send me.  Thanks.


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