Re: Need a Sat-Nav?

Alan Morris

On Sun, 12 Jul 2020 at 07:20, jtwebb1 <lists@...> wrote:

Garmin say it is beyond their control as the data is in the maps. I argue that surely they don't have a completely set of maps for lorries.
Garmin get the speed limits and bridge heights from external
providers. Mainly HERE, and then convert the data to their own
formats. I did something similar for a 15 year period in the 1980s &
90s. The effort was in producing the conversion program. Then for
every new set of incoming data, they would simply run the conversion
program. Minor changes might be required from time to time. So very
little effort on the part of Garmin.

How Garmin applies the data in different GPSrs could introduce errors.

The problem these days is that their main income is no longer from
selling GPSrs but watches for fitness folk. So little money is
available for GPSr support.

It is so annoying as I want warnings but not spurious warnings!
Well that's been Garmin for many years. However generally superior than TomTom.


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