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timsinc Sinclair

Ah well, agree this EHIC stuff word of mouth. But friend (of
bro-in-law) I doubt is an 'illegal resident'. The former school
teacher and older hubby own the villa in a gated community, where
other neighbours told same tale.

A keen bowls player, they're always flitting between countries, even
running separate cars in both places.

Obviously non m-homers and it could just be the hospital in their
area. UK govt advice, I gather anyway, is to have separate insurance.
Not that all offer Covid cover.

Take it or leave it.... sometimes grass roots reports better than the
official versions.

Just saying as a hopeful, winter-visiting campavanner, Tim

On 12/07/2020, Gerry Harris <gerry@...> wrote:
I live, legally, in Spain.

I suspect that the "friend who recently vacatedtheir Spanish villa that
the hospitals in the country were no longeraccepting the ehic card"

was one of the many who stay, illegally, here in Spain and expect to use
the EHIC to cover their medical costs.



On 12/07/2020 13:32, timsinc Sinclair wrote:
Just heard from friends of a friend (yes, I know) who recently vacated
their Spanish villa that the hospitals in the country were no longer
accepting the ehic card. Probably fearing that Brexit UK's health
agreement reciprocal payments won't be honoured?

Campervan Tim

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