Re: Need a Sat-Nav?

Carol Weaver

Hi Brent

Exact years I can’t say. My original nuvi 350 no longer backs up. My 765T still perfectly ok and still used in car and brought with me just in case. New updates about 4 times a year. Alan is more likely to recall how old that is although I didn’t get it immediately it came out. 

The 785 Camper I bought in December so it’s really only on its first trip. But it updates over WiFi via my phone and Bluetooth and has its own app

They say it’s a lifetime for updates. I’ve had several on 785 since having it already

I didn’t like TomTom I had right before the streetpilot. We couldn’t here it in the A class


On Fri, 10 Jul 2020 at 18:53, Brent <brentiow.c@...> wrote:
Hi Carol

So what's Garmin actually like for backups and how long do they offer support to their products please?

Always been a TomTom fan until their software update "bricked" my Camper GO 1005!!!

Last m/h had TomTom built-in but don't think it was the m/h version - good old Fiat/Autotrail!!!

Many thanks Brent

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