Re: E-scooters from Saturday

Peter S

By law bike's don't have to have a bell once they have been sold by the bike shop. Suppose that is why you said "should" Ernie? There keeps being suggestions that they are going to be come law on all bikes but can only see that if it was it would be largely ignored.

On topic at the moment, I think, as bikes and scooters can be an asset to us as motorhomers.

Peter S

On 01/07/2020 11:32:25, Ernest Bull <ernb32@...> wrote:

On 1 Jul 2020, at 09:55, Mike via <mike.egff@...> wrote:

Looking at the consequences of the slight lifting of lock-down I’m sorry but this will only add to No Respect UK Plc.

Last night it was speculated that e-scooters would be limited to 15mph, banned from pavements and require the rider to be over 16 and have a full or provisional driver’s license.

Of course, bicycles are also banned from pavements, should have a bell, not be ridden across Zebra or Pelican crossings and should stop at red lights, but it seems that the exceptions have become the rule. 

What with skate boards - powered and unpowered - and some of the souped-up invalid carriages on our pavements, it will soon be safer to walk blindfold in the middle of the road.

Sorry if OT, but I didn’t start it.



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