Re: E-scooters from Saturday

Ernest Bull

On 1 Jul 2020, at 09:55, Mike via <mike.egff@...> wrote:

Looking at the consequences of the slight lifting of lock-down I’m sorry but this will only add to No Respect UK Plc.

Last night it was speculated that e-scooters would be limited to 15mph, banned from pavements and require the rider to be over 16 and have a full or provisional driver’s license.

Of course, bicycles are also banned from pavements, should have a bell, not be ridden across Zebra or Pelican crossings and should stop at red lights, but it seems that the exceptions have become the rule. 

What with skate boards - powered and unpowered - and some of the souped-up invalid carriages on our pavements, it will soon be safer to walk blindfold in the middle of the road.

Sorry if OT, but I didn’t start it.


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