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Alan Morris

On Sun, 21 Jun 2020 at 08:17, timsinc Sinclair <> wrote:

Have you seen the latest Thetford....
no cassette, uses your waste water for flushes and works using a phone app.
Naturally, it HAS to have a phone app, to appeal to the younger
generations. BTW, my latest electric tooth brush also has an app.
How it can improve my brushing skills, I don't know!

Quotes from the link:-

"Research showed that as with the toilet emptying schedule, grey water
tanks were also emptied more regularly than needed, because of vague
level indicators and proximity to emptying points."

I have no problem with the LED display for black water levels, with a
quick look down the hole to provide a more precise 'reading'.
However the "vague level indicators" of Hymer fresh and grey tank
levels are useless. If these tanks were easily accessible, I would
add accurate level indicators as I had in my Land Rover based MH.

"Tank sizes will be set by the motorhome manufacturer and, due to the
use of grey water to flush the toilet, Thetford anticipate that some
may reduce the size of these tanks to improve payload figures."

Having bought our Hymer, we read buried within the large Hymer 'fits
all models' manual, that we are expected to travel with an empty fresh
tank! This to give a low payload value to keep within 3,500kg.

Then Peter wrote:-

Wouldn't be my choice. 3 bottles of fluid to be stored and only last a month - sounds a bit like the printer ink scam with a cheap printer but expensive ink - and no choice of fluid supplier. Only 750 places to discharge. Can't tip down an ordinary toilet as you have to use the the pump out.
It has too many negative features that not many folk would use it.

A bit like when I was talking on a campsite to another owner of my
model of MH. I asked him how he coped with the problem of having to
open the shower door to get a towel. His answer was that they never
used the shower as the campsite ones were better!

Trouble is, the smarter things get the smarter they can be at going
wrong. Too complicated for me. Sometimes I think the old hand pump
would have been better in my camper than the electric pump in
very-hard to access water tank - have had three needing to be replaced
in six years have had the van.
My 1967 caravan had a foot water pump. That was easy to use having
only one tap. But it meant that I only used water while wetting and
rinsing my hands. With the outomatic on when opening the tap, we use
much more water.

I would suggest Tim that next time replace the old pump with an external pump.


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