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Your link reminded me of the Jet Toilet System in our previous Hymer S830. Sold as a “brilliant macerator toilet that holds 70 litres of waste” it proved to be a bit of a nightmare. It used so much water that it had to be emptied almost every day. Rarely were we somewhere that I could drive over a toilet emptying point so it involved decanting into a Waterhog and trundling that to the emptying point. Not pleasant at the best of times and extremely unpleasant in rain & snow. It also blocked a few times. I’ll not go into further details.

We tried to get it replaced with a standard cassette, but no British dealer was interested as it involved widening the cassette door opening considerably to be able to slide the cassette in at a 45 degree angle. Campirama in Belgium did a few conversions and made a very good job of the one I saw and we provisionally booked it in of a £4K toilet transplant. It then dawned on us that our 70th birthdays were approaching so we put the £4K towards downsizing instead.

The Merc Hymer S830 was one of the best vans we have owned and we kept it longer than any other (8 years) - I suspect that without the “improved“ toilet we would still have it now!

They did change the toilet design and reverted to a standard cassette.


On 21 Jun 2020, at 09:17, timsinc Sinclair <timsinc@...> wrote:

Magnificent Martin! Must visit your 'twin'....

But you didn't get a new loo! Have you seen the latest Thetford....
no cassette, uses your waste water for flushes and works using a phone app.

I kid you not:

Trouble is, the smarter things get the smarter they can be at going
wrong. Too complicated for me. Sometimes I think the old hand pump
would have been better in my camper than the electric pump in
very-hard to access water tank - have had three needing to be replaced
in six years have had the van.

Camper Tim

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Given how useful we find our cassette toilets I was pleased to receive the
attached gift for my birthday. It came with a framed certificate, photo and
the coordinates.




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