Re: End of ADAC Plus? - Replacement??

Steve Pyke


We have Comfort insurance including breakdown cover which is now run by DAS so who would come out if needed is anybody's guess. We haven't needed it so far.

For the car, once the maker's (Hyundai) five year cover ran out we used Start Rescue for about £40 a year, and cheaper through a cashback site, for UK only. They do short term EU cover. Only used them once for a flat battery - door not shut properly when car left for two days at a station. A local garage came out in half an hour so reasonable service we thought.
It's an insurance based scheme but we didn't have to pay and claim back like some.

(I've since bought one of those compact jump starter lithium battery packs. Not needed it yet but may do as neither vehicle has moved for three months!)

I believe CMC's Mayday service which used to be Green Flag only covered UK as they expect you to buy their Red Pennant package when going abroad.

Who owns what these days?

We aren't planning to go abroad this year.

Take care


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