Re: A man & a van

timsinc Sinclair

I might be the only full-timer on this list but know that I am part of
a sizeable community of people who travel and live in vehicles for
months or years at a time - sometimes permanently. Sometimes called
"overlanders" or "vanlifers".

You might think equipped to live off-grid, we would be fine during a
lockdown. In reality, our lifestyle choice depends on the ability to
move around, camp, and access services like water, power, gas and
toilets from time to time.

Then regional and national borders close, campsites shut and wild
camping banned, "outsiders" discouraged. Told to #stayathome and,
well, it's complicated. Where's that?

I was in Spain when lockdown declared. Luckily I was at a remote
vinery where pitches and services were free. (Wine sales the obvious
return). For days and sleepless nights I self-debated. Eventually
after urging of FO, family and friends I made a fairly unimpeded dash
for "home" country.

Remembering at Calais I had a brother-in-law in south-east with good
size garden, there I headed. Been there using his utilities (inc
outside loo) now for two months. But still as a 'vanlifer' in my own
capsule. Meanwhile, Brit couple whose only home was their motorhome
and with whom had made good friends are still at the vinery, west of
Barcelona. Finding it strange that now other Spanish motorhomes are
turning up.

However, I'm nowhere as adventurous and have not suffered like the
couple who were in Argentina, the lead main example among other
vanlifers in this BBC long read:
BBC News - 'I left my campervan in Argentina'


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