Re: Electric scooters

Alan Morris

On Sat, 23 May 2020 at 17:16, Peter S <peter@...> wrote:

I noticed that Grant Shapps, Minister for Transport, on the Downing Street Press conference today mentioned using electric scooters and I shouted out that they are not legal. Maybe he knows something that the rest of us have not been told about yet. I notice that on his Twitter feed this has been mentioned as well.
He probably thinks like BoJo, I will probably see this on the news
later. Opens mouth before knowing what he is talking about! Being
recorded, so that swift fast-forward can be used!

David wrote:-

But scooters are illegal and as far as I am concerned they should stay illegal and the police should enforce this and the courts have them destroyed because they are all DANGEROUS.
I'm with David in some respects as probably many their owners are
reckless and dangerous, just like the disability scooters. They are
all capable of being used too fast with no concern for pedestrians.
However, with speed limitations and strict legal enforcement, plus the
need for third-party insurance, they would be ideal for many. This
includes electric scooters AND disability scooters. Their speed limit
should be walking pace on footpaths and pavements.


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