Re: Ducato Instruments

Mick Potter

Thanks for your comments all. This seems to have become needlessly complicated: I thought I was posting a simple piece of advice. 

To sum up:

All the dials stopped working at once. 

The fuses were OK. 

The speedo started working (I hadn't mentioned this before). 

I removed the instrument pod and cleaned the connector contacts. 

No change. 

I took the unit to be fixed. They told me that the 'motors' had seized, and that this is a common problem. It now works fine. 

I conclude that it was a problem internal to the instrument pod, maybe 'motors', maybe something else. It is now fixed. 

Before taking it to be fixed, I decided that, despite a lifetime career in electronics, I was not willing to take the risk of b#ggering it up at a cost of >£600, but to pay £125 to get it fixed. 

End of story. 



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