Re: Ducato Instruments


Hi Ernest,
There is no way in my mind that all instrument motors would have failed or seized at the same time.  A couple of questions for you:-
(1) Has the starting battery discharged to the point you had to use jump leads of a jump start pack?
(2) if not this time of starting, had this happened on previous start attempts?

Ducato vehicles and the Peugeot/Citroen cousins all suffer badly from low battery voltage and consequent jump start attempts, where the software in various units can get corrupted.

My standing advice to all Ducato owners is “NEVER EVER, use jump leads or jump start packs, unless they are professional surge protected versions.  Instead, use a battery charger to progressively recharge the battery.

I am a mobile auto electrician and diagnostic guy, and I come across these kinds of faults constantly, so please take note.

You may well need to run a full all systems diagnostic to get to grips with this.

It may be worth disconnecting your start battery for an hour or so if your confident doing that?
disconnect just the earth cable as that’s usually the easiest one to get to 

Hope that’s useful 

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