Re: Fiat Ducato Instrument Cluster - a Warning

Carol Weaver

Sad. Ours is regularly left from mid October to End April when we do away. Happily had no problems 

Mick is this on an older Fiat?

Forewarned is forearmed


On Mon, 18 May 2020 at 17:41, Mick Potter <mickpotter@...> wrote:
My ~10yo 'van is based on a Fiat Ducato, like many others.  For obvious reasons, it hasn't been used much lately

I recently took it out after not using it for 4-5 weeks, just so that it got a run.  None of the instruments (speedo, rev counter, temp and fuel level) worked.  They were all stuck hard on zero.

Long story short, I took it out (fairly easy, videos on YouTube) and got it fixed locally (£125 - a replacement is about £600 on Ebay).  The guy who served me told me it was a common problem with Fiat Ducatos, especially motorhomes, that get laid up for a while.  The motors inside seize up.

So, be warned, at least start up your Fiat Ducato occasionally, and preferably take it for a run.




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