Re: Fiat Ducato Instrument Cluster - a Warning

Neill King \(MH-List\)

Good advice.


I can add to that – if you have airbags make sure they have the minimum pressure in them before going for that run!  We’ve heard of expensive mistakes recently!


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Subject: [motorhome-list] Fiat Ducato Instrument Cluster - a Warning


My ~10yo 'van is based on a Fiat Ducato, like many others.  For obvious reasons, it hasn't been used much lately

I recently took it out after not using it for 4-5 weeks, just so that it got a run.  None of the instruments (speedo, rev counter, temp and fuel level) worked.  They were all stuck hard on zero.

Long story short, I took it out (fairly easy, videos on YouTube) and got it fixed locally (£125 - a replacement is about £600 on Ebay).  The guy who served me told me it was a common problem with Fiat Ducatos, especially motorhomes, that get laid up for a while.  The motors inside seize up.

So, be warned, at least start up your Fiat Ducato occasionally, and preferably take it for a run.




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