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Carol Weaver

I went twice in 99. First in Jan for a week with youngest daughter. Enjoyed it and knew Duncan was having a difficult time in Nigeria so booked for a fortnight in June for my birthday.  

When we returned in January my answerphone had loads of messages to phone Nigeria!!!  I did to find Duncan had we hijacked!!!  It was a worrying time and he got released basically unharmed except it did affect him for a while and I got kicked out of bed a few times with his nightmares. But due to return his back to back guy phoned and held the phone up to hear gun firing and yelling again. That night he had what we thought was a heart attack. In hospital and due to having company BUPA card they gave him a stent as no medical facilities near him down in the Delta. We did get on holiday though

It’s a very interesting island and worth a visit. Hilly but some lovely restaurants 

Friends have two time shares there and have been going twice a year for around 15 years!  Couldn’t do that. 


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> I know its OT but this is the live web cam at the Ritz Cafe in Funchal. I
> can highly recommend the place, the prices are very reasonable
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Continuing off topic ........

Today we reached Madeira, and it was a great pleasure to have a meal
with the ship at rest. Since we left Dartmouth the fiddles have been
on the table each day. From the sea Madeira looks an island of abrupt
jagged hills - rising 4000 feet, scarred with ravines down which in
the rainy seasons the water rushes and roars - the hillsides are
dotted with houses white and yellow - and the ground is cultivated in
terraces - sugar canes and vines being the principal growths.

We landed for 4 hours. All the streets are paved with boulders set on
end - and these boulders are polished like agates with the bullock
sledges which are the carriages of the island - the steel shod sledges
slip smoothly over the stones and away you go as swiftly as a bullock
cart pulls you.

Beggars are like locusts. Deformed beggars - maimed beggars - bleary
eyed beggars and strong lusty beggars dog one's steps like shadows. If
a child turns a corner and catches sight of an Englishman, down drops
his basket and his hand is held out.

In a letter written by my great grandfather in 1876. Never been there
but brother says the sledges still in operation - but not the beggars!


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