Re: Lock down in Funchal, Madeira

timsinc Sinclair

On 03/05/2020, <> wrote:
I know its OT but this is the live web cam at the Ritz Cafe in Funchal. I
can highly recommend the place, the prices are very reasonable
Continuing off topic ........

Today we reached Madeira, and it was a great pleasure to have a meal
with the ship at rest. Since we left Dartmouth the fiddles have been
on the table each day. From the sea Madeira looks an island of abrupt
jagged hills - rising 4000 feet, scarred with ravines down which in
the rainy seasons the water rushes and roars - the hillsides are
dotted with houses white and yellow - and the ground is cultivated in
terraces - sugar canes and vines being the principal growths.

We landed for 4 hours. All the streets are paved with boulders set on
end - and these boulders are polished like agates with the bullock
sledges which are the carriages of the island - the steel shod sledges
slip smoothly over the stones and away you go as swiftly as a bullock
cart pulls you.

Beggars are like locusts. Deformed beggars - maimed beggars - bleary
eyed beggars and strong lusty beggars dog one's steps like shadows. If
a child turns a corner and catches sight of an Englishman, down drops
his basket and his hand is held out.

In a letter written by my great grandfather in 1876. Never been there
but brother says the sledges still in operation - but not the beggars!


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