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Renewed my membership yesterday without any problems.

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From: Carol Weaver <corconx@...>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2020, 20:40
Subject: Re: [motorhome-list] ADAC Membership
This is getting more confusing as we all post.  

Sad really but I had been expecting something to come out of Brexit. 

But WHY are we all getting different letters

Alan when was it is your renewal?  BeRing in mind we have to give 3 months notice


On Thu, 30 Apr 2020 at 18:37, David Scholes <scholesd@...> wrote:
I seem to have a different problem.
ADAC sent me an extra letter a couple of days ago but it mentioned nothing about next year’s membership. What it said was that ‘here is a kind of membership card for this year, just paper, not plastic. Please sign on the back. Also included is a plus booklet’
So now I have 31 pages of conditions in German and no idea as to whether they are trying to help me or are planning to Chuck me out.
I got my gold card a year or so ago and I only ever called them out once, for a blowout when on a German motorway when the traffic was so heavy and the hard shoulder so sloping that I didn’t dare going underneath the jacked up van until their mechanic used an extra jack to stabilise it allowing me to crawl under to get the wheel out whilst he watched me.

> On 30 Apr 2020, at 17:21, timsinc Sinclair <timsinc@...> wrote:
> Thanks, Nigel. Green Flag noted for next year when my ADAC expires and
> I'll be looking.
> Tim
>> On 30/04/2020, Nigel Owen <nigel@...> wrote:
>> Tim:
>> We have subscribed to the ADAC recovery service mainly for our cars (the
>> first time in 15 years that we needed to call them out was a couple of
>> months ago - handled by the AA), we have recovery for our motorhome as
>> an add-on for our insurance (Saga).
>> I did some shopping around prior to renewing with ADAC earlier in the
>> year and got a very competitive quote from Green Flag for our cars
>> (their call centre staff clearly have the ability to offer better rates
>> than quoted on their website).  We ended up renewing with ADAC as
>> although slightly more expensive it also covered us for the motorhome
>> should this be needed.
>> I think we'll probably move to Green Flag for the cars (must be under 16
>> years old) on their 'Personal Cover Breakdown' as it's the person
>> covered not the car similar to ADAC.
>> I think this subject will no doubt be discussed again when we all have
>> to renew or ADAC membership - or not!
>> Nigel.
>>> On 30/04/2020 16:49, timsinc Sinclair wrote:
>>> As we all, Nigel, will look, I'm sure, for an alternative come the end
>>> of our year's contract, especially reading in Carol's translation:
>>> .....classic ADAC membership, such as breakdown assistance ~in Germany~
>>> ....
>>> note not in UK, France etc.
>>> Will be interesting to hear from all which alternative is eventually
>>> chosen.

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