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Ernest Bull

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All we now is Ernie. But he does still post although no Motorhome now. 

Yeah! Hi, Don. Good to hear that you are still out there and doing well. I was aiming to answer your post but it disappeared from my inbox - trouble with my Mac lately and Bristol Apple Store is completely fenced of let alone closed. 

I remember Rustington. I went camping camping there in summer of ‘45. Until a tornado blew our tent and half our camping gear all across Sussex. The other half may have reached Surrey. I remember watching our tent sailing off over the trees like a parachute with the Primus hanging under it. Never saw it again. 

As to rambling on and other ARMP - Age Related Memory Problems - keeping active and having a sense of humour helps (Remember ITMA and Mrs Mopp? “It’s being so cheerful what keeps me going, sir.”)

And diet - well brewed tea, plenty of fruit and, especially, lots of cooked tomatoes for the vital flavonoids.

You and Mrs Madge stay well and just keep on keeping on!

All the best and happy travelling

Ernie Bull (ErnB)


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