Re: I've found my way back.

Trevor Mace

Hello Don!

Don't worry about the rambling, enjoyed hearing that you are both OK!

We bought a new van a couple of years ago and today I was saying to my wife that perhaps we might not get best use out of it because of Covid19... after all. says I, We will be 80 in 5 years time!  Then I see this from Don and I am cheered up no end!


On 25/04/2020 18:36, don.madge@... wrote:
Hello all, it's a long time since I last posted on here. When we gave motorhoming things kind of drifted away, no excuse for not keeping in touch though. The List was my favorite motorhome site and we made many friends over the years.
We are both well and still managing to walk about five miles most days. We moved from East Yorkshire down to west Sussex to Rustington a village near Littlehampton to be close to the family.

Up to last year we motored  to the western Algarve (Lagos) for the winter, we rented a cottage just north of Lagos on the edge of a National Park, a very peaceful spot.

Last year it came as a great shock when we could not get any travel/ medical cover for more than 28 days at a time it appears 85 is the cut off time for long stay travel. So we decide to winter away at 28 days at a time it meant flying and staying in hotels. This January we had a month in Madeira and it worked out very well, weather was fine we did lots of walking. Mid February saw us of to Malta for a month, it was OK, weather was good but we would not go again.
We left Malta the day before the lock down and arrived home safely. 
We are now stuck at home like everybody else waiting for the lock down to end.
We are  very fortunate to be able to walk from Rustington to Littlehampton and back on the sea front its a very pleasant walk.
I'm sorry I've rambled on a bit but that's old age for you.

Stay safe.


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