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Derek Sims

Worse than trying to do  your own Desert Island Discs!
I think some of our memorable moments (Good and not-so-good), came from our trip to Morocco, where we started out playing it extremely safe and ended up on the edge of the Sahara. We had by chance met up with Steve Robinson his wife (The Old Age Travellers), and their friends John & Pam Jennings from Kingsbridge, who were still motorhoming in Morocco into their eighties.
We were all parked up in a walled enclosure outside a restaurant, (Probably one of your recommendations, Andy!). At about 5pm we were all summoned to appear outside Pam & John's 'van. Somehow Pam had remembered it was Shrove Tuesday and had all the ingredients for pancake making, so we stood eating pancakes, washed down with red wine, as the sun set over the desert. Quite a surreal experience! I still have a jar of the sahara in our hi-fi cabinet, but the pancakes are all gone.
Thank goodness no more posts on the Cvirus. I was about to resign my list membership. i joined to talk and hear about motorhoming.
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Hard to choose 3, but I have to say one of our favourite countries has been Iran, we were there in 2014 on our long trip through Russia, Central Asia and down to Turkey.
This pic is of us with our old Merc 4x4 truck, our guide (on the right) and some of his friends.
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So while we all have time available, how about sharing our 3 favourite places or tours?

I’ll let others start because I’m busy;-)




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