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Trevor Mace


We went in 2008, actually because a friends son was getting married in Cork. Bill Lupton's booklet was very helpful and we also found a new spot that I was able to tell him about. This is an extract from the message I sent to him after:

We found a wild spot at Sheeps Head, Co Cork. GPS N51-32-40 W9-49-42
There's a Cafe at the end of the road and a good sized parking area. The Cafe closes at 6pm and the adjacent toilets are closed at 8pm and opened at 8am by a local man who lives in the nearby cottages.  The toilets are clean and there is a tap at the back of the Cafe but you will need an adjustable spanner as the handle has been removed    We spent a very quiet night there after having walked to the tip of Sheep's Head to see the lighthouse (about a mile)

Don't know if all that is still true!


On 15/04/2020 19:54, Carol Weaver wrote:

Trevor when did you go. I think our last trip was 2003. Got call from youngest who had gone to live there in Perth in early Jan asking me to fly out asap as she had been diagnosed with MS.  So came back early

Here are our photos from that trip 

We haven’t been back although took Motorhome 3 times and had our honeymoon over there in 65 👍😄


On Wed, 15 Apr 2020 at 19:12, Trevor Mace <trevor@...> wrote:
Still got my well thumbed copy of the Taverns Trail booklet Bill Lupton
kindly sent me for our tour in Southern Ireland. I managed to reply to
him with some additions and alterations. Happy days!


On 15/04/2020 19:02, Carol Weaver wrote:
> Bill Lupton in Ireland used to tell wonders Irish stories that got him
> chucked out but I met up with him in Ireland on their annual rally. He
> also kindly sent me a copy of the Irish Taverns Trail to stop at
>  Lovely man. Wish he would come back. But like all of us he too is
> getting on. Again in contact via Facebook

Carol WeaverAires photos here|.
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