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Our local Tesco told my daughter that it takes 24 hours for the Privilege slots to go live on your account.

I qualify but cannot get any coordination between gov / clinician / gp / tesco et al!

Also this now struggling business does not as yet qualify for any government help whatsoever, is unlikely to be granted a bank loan, may get a modest local authority grant (on not) in many weeks time. We are definitely not all in the same boat and I suspect some CS & CLs are in the same boat as us.

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On a related subject, I wonder how many Listers are members of the C&MC and have had communications from the Director General. I replied to the first one saying I assumed that all our memberships would be put in suspension, so that renewal is delayed by however long they keep the sites closed for. From our point of view, we only joined for the CL network and to a very limited extent, the Club Sites. We're not interested in any of their other "services", which should run independently at a profit and not be funded by subsriptions. All the site staff should be laid off and be able to claim whatever is the appropriate benefit. I feel particularly aggrieved for our son, who joined the Club the day before they decided to close all the sites.
This virus situation has different effects on different sections of
society. I'm generally annoyed by those businesses that are making a
profit at the expense of others.

As I write this at home that I've not left for 20 days, I should be
enjoying a meal in an hotel near Dover. Tomorrow I should be on a
river cruise in the Netherlands, but the vessel, ms ARENA, has not
returned to the Dutch waterways after a long refurbishment. So the
accommodation is not available. But the travel company have refused
my request for a full refund within the legal 14 day period. Only
offering a credit note for use in 2021.

I've SORNed our motorhome, to save a few quid and had decided to
cancel all Direct Debits for annual subs. This to include English
Heritage, CCC and CMC. Our National Trust is a life membership.

Businesses have had many provisions put in place to assist them.
Those employed also have other measures to assist them. But elderly
pensioners have nothing to assist them. Today, my wife received an
e-mail from a supermarket, saying that she was now known to them as a
person at risk and now entitled to privileged delivery slots for home
delivery. Instructions were given as to hold to log-in and setup a
special account. Having done this (with much effort due to poor
website programming), she was told to log-in. The result, "We can't
identify you as entitled.....".

My biggest complaint is about companies stating that they are putting
in place facilities etc. But I am having to waste so much time
attempting to use those services.. Grand gestures that don't exist.

I think that the CMC & CCC should issue a statement as to how they are
managing their staff and then us members would know their attitude,
before cancelling DDs. I would guess that CL & CS owners are out on a

My British friend now living in Germany with his German wife, had lost
out due to cancellations caused but the recent sand storms. He was
very annoyed that his travel company just ignored him. But I've just
heard that he has received a full 100% refund PLUS an extra 50%
towards extra costs.


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