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Derek Sims

Hi Martin
Thank you very much for giving us this information. I had saved the link for a "quiet time" between trips and, Hey Ho, it's arrived, so instead of being in Jersey seeing our new granddaughter and looking after two year old big sister for two weeks, followed a passage to St. Malo and on to Croatia, I've been enjoying the account of a very different trip 50 years ago.
Very entertaining reading and photos, good for those waking-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night sessions, rather than brooding on the stupdity of the current situation. I read that you were the hero of the hour for driving to the Pakistan border checkpoint in the dark. Could you still do that now? I find that glaucoma makes things more difficult than they used to be, particularly around twilight. I was also wondering if you did get in the Guinness Book of Records for numbers of bottles of coke consumed in a session and if you're still practising?
We were finally contacted by the CCC yesterday, two days after we were due to travel to Jersey, to confirm that all our bookings were cancelled and that, as they are an ABTA travel agent, we would be entitled to a full refund, although they couldn't say when. (It's supposed to be within 14 days, but ABTA is trying to get the government to relax that and also to let them issue vouchers, which we'll refuse to accept). Another good reason for booking through the CCC, apart from their excellent discounts (Over £100 cheaper than booking direct).
On a related subject, I wonder how many Listers are members of the C&MC and have had communications from the Director General. I replied to the first one saying I assumed that all our memberships would be put in suspension, so that renewal is delayed by however long they keep the sites closed for. From our point of view, we only joined for the CL network and to a very limited extent, the Club Sites. We're not interested in any of their other "services", which should run independently at a profit and not be funded by subsriptions. All the site staff should be laid off and be able to claim whatever is the appropriate benefit. I feel particularly aggrieved for our son, who joined the Club the day before they decided to close all the sites.
I will be replying to the Director General (Secretary I think we used to call them) along the same lines as before and it may help if others felt able to do the same. I won't tackle the CCC until we get our maney back!
Stay sane

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50 years ago today I set off to India as a coach driver on Comex 3. Five hundred of us on 20 coaches travelling 13,000 miles and putting on cultural performances en route. The brain child of Lt  Colonel Lionel Gregory who motivated and inspired a disparate band of young individuals. An amazing experience. 

The link below tells the story of the journey.

The photo shows the 20 Bedford Duple buses looking remarkably similar to a number of the Hymermobiles I subsequently bought. Over the years I have wanted to undertake a similar journey with my family, but when I had a suitable vehicle, I didn’t have either the time or the money. Not to mention the odd war or two closing routes. We did manage to meander around a lot of Europe and part of the Asian section of Turkey including the Meander river!



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