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Peter S

If you use mobile banking then with a lot of banks you can pay in by taking a photograph of the cheque on your mobile phone - I have done that. You may also be able to pay in at a post office which are open.

You can have a home delivery but the problem is that demand has far outstripped supply of delivery drivers, vans, pickersĀ  etc. We did a more or less normal shop at Waitrose yesterday - they have an 8-9 am slot for oldies and vulnerable people. I know that some supermarkets have been out of stuff but somebody on another blog said they went instead to Aldi, which was virtually empty of people, and did their shopping there.

Peter S

On 25/03/2020 18:16:55, Alan Morris <alan.g4ens@...> wrote:

On Tue, 24 Mar 2020 at 09:45, Carol Weaver wrote:

> The 20,000 deaths was a comment by Boris in one of his first addresses. It was if we do as we are told we hope to get LESS THAN ....

I think society now has a new problem.

Different sections/branches/departments of many organisations
(government, supermarkets & camping clubs etc.) are giving conflicting

Some information changes are due to the passing of time and other
changes due to different interpretations of the original information
from that organisation.

What I find annoying about self-isolation is that I can't follow
government advice about purchasing food as the supermarkets send out
e-mails about how they are helping the elderly and at risk, but stop
us from having home deliveries.

I live in Lincolnshire and like Carol's county, many have flocked to
holiday areas. They were following government recommendations.
Fortunately, I don't live in a holiday area, but did a few years ago
move to an area with a local 24 hour A&E, which is now closed. So
have empathy with Carol and others in her situation.

I've just had to tax our old car for 19 days before collecting the new
one. I paid the tax on-line by credit card. Normally, refunds for
on-line spending is sent back to the purchasing method. But the
government has today sent me it's version of a paper cheque for 11
months over paid. But I can't pay it in as I would break government
rules by visiting a bank.

No doubt others recognise similar situations.



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