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Peter S

No flack I hope!

Peter S

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Hi Carol

Ok. I thought you hadn’t heard they were closing. Would have been polite
Sorry not being rude but read the first line of post
Which site were you on?
Would rather not say as I don't want any flack or problems for the wardens (as they let us stay and didn't "kick us off" as soon as we received email)

I contacted my MP as we only have one Hospital in Cornwall and it’s full to capacity before all this started
Again sorry Carol not being rude but: this was the "excuse" the site warden was giving as there was only one hospital for a large area up the road, so I said to him, has your hospital been rebuilt or plans to do so? No I don't think so, when I asked how are they were going to cope then with all these new builds going on around this area he walked away!!! 

Have been annoyed about people thinking it is a time for a holiday. Stay at home for your sake and mine and everyone else’s
Again not being rude but this "holiday" of ours was before all the crisis "kicked in" and to be perfectly honest we had less contact with humanoids during this period than if we'd been home.
We provide a vital service repairing, testing and maintaining mobility equipment to our local schools, college and a lot of care homes so still have to work. Although I'm 73 in July I have seen my dentists more times in the last 20+ years than a doctor (don't even know the name of doctor I'm registered with) as I've not had my own teeth since my mid 20's. State and attitude of a lot of these care homes I'm more likely to contract something from them than the other way round!!!
I consider my/ourselves to be very responsible people and certainly wouldn't put ourselves or anyone else in danger to the extent we will only do "private" repairs if equipment is broken/not working and we are not hiring equipment until this is over.

Sorry if this upsets you or anyone else
Not at all Carol - you are welcome to your views just as I am - but please read fully posts before getting yourself upset or in a tiswas :-)

Now I'll wait for the flack

Best wishes and stay healthy and safe all


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