Re: Ferry policy

Trevor Mace


I have just deduced, from your email address, that you were on the Isle of Wight ferry!

I thought you were describing a journey from Dover to Calais.


On 24/03/2020 22:04, Brent wrote:
Hi ALL Had a bit of strange experience on Monday. Arrived at ferry port couple of hours before our "booked" ferry but they let us board the next ferry (for which we were very grateful). So there we are sitting in m/h - normally have to leave vehicle - chugging along quite happily and have docked at our destination. Started vehicle ready to leave when one of the ferry staff beckons to open window, where have you come from and where are you going/live? - we live here mate, seeing you are in m/h have you just come from abroad? only if you count England as being abroad!!, where you questioned when reaching booking in station? no mate he just asked for our booking details!!

Just couldn't get my head round it as by the time he was asking the questions it would have been too late - but to be honest we were in m/h and didn't leave and only spoke to the very cold staff who were just wandering up and down the deck to keep warm

Strange old world 

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