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Carol Weaver

Ok. I thought you hadn’t heard they were closing. Would have been polite

Which site were you on?

I live in Cornwall and the rush of caravans and Motorhomes that we’re coming down here over last few weeks has upset a lot of us. I contacted my MP as we only have one Hospital in Cornwall and it’s full to capacity before all this started

Have been annoyed about people thinking it is a time for a holiday. Stay at home for your sake and mine and everyone else’s

Sorry if this upsets you or anyone else

We have too many people here with compromised health - me being one!!!


Sorry Peter. Delete this if you feel it’s wrong of me to explain 

On Tue, 24 Mar 2020 at 22:12, Brent <brentiow.c@...> wrote:
Hi Carol

If you are replying to me: Didn’t you get one or follow the news?

Yes we did receive the email but nothing from the wardens on site and two m/h's arriving and setting up after we received the email!!! We also "left" behind about 8 units on site that didn't move by 1pm when ALL vehicles should have left by 12

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