Re: New topic Site closures


Hi ALL What are CCC playing at? We were at site Sunday on south coast when we got email to inform us all sites to close with immediate effect. Van next to us (booked for another 10 days) decided to pack and go as had long journey home but also informed us when he got home he wouldn't be able to put van in his storage as it was closed and he lived in block of 20 flats with no parking for m/h. No warden came to explain what was happening so we stayed as were off on Monday anyway. So as we are packing up this m/h with tow car attached pulled in and starts setting up on pitch, not meant to be able to arrive/pitch before 1pm and this was about 11am!!!! This also happened on the Sunday but was informed they were security.
When we left couple of mins before 12 there were probably about 8 units still on site and we parked "up road" for an hour and nobody came out of site

So are CCC having a "rule for one but not all"?

Best wishes and happy isolating

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