Re: Where should we go for the weekend?

M Stevenson

Hi folks,

eg. My brother in law from NZ bought a van last year which is in storage, intending to visit Ireland and the Scottish Highlands this May.
He has now resigned himself to the fact that this is now unlikely to go ahead and will lose all the monies that have been paid. Travel insurance companies have basically abrogated all responsibilities and won't pay a bean.
His new motorhome will not turn a wheel for two years.

We have just run the gauntlet home via Singapore on three consecutive flights from a rural area of NZ.
We changed the flights at great expense to minimise ground time.
Arguably, we'd have been much safer in NZ, but at times like this HOME is where we ought to be.
Judging by the fellow passengers on the flight to the UK, they were all elderly UK folks returning from families down under.
Not a tourist in sight. Basically, it was a case of get home whilst you still can and flights are economically grounded. Manchester will be closing terminals 2&3 completely. There was a general air of returning into the unknown.

We shall self isolate for at least fourteen days.

We all seem concerned with avoiding getting infected ourselves. However we should be looking at this the other way round.
We should all consider ourselves to be already infected, and consequently 'what should we be doing to prevent spreading it'.
For me, Medical School may be a distant memory but hunkering down at home for the duration is morally the right thing to do for the common good.
I'll not elaborate this point, but from now on this all about numbers.

Our van will remain SORNed until this is over.
Those folks full timing in their vans are in a difficult position as more and more communities seek to keep outsiders away. Best of luck.


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