Re: Where should we go for the weekend?


I still have a sense of humour, thanks Martin

On 20/03/2020 20:44, Bennett Family wrote:
Just to clarify - the picture of the plan of a house was intended as a
joke, implying the decision would be around which room we might
inhabit - although we could opt for a weekend in the MH which’s parked
on our drive. We might even tour to the top of our lawn towing the car
(another humorous comment).


On 20 Mar 2020, at 19:55, Sandytrax via Groups.Io
<> wrote:

I   think  the action required is the same:
If your van is your home- stay at home
If your van is not your home - stay at home

Protect yourself and others


On 20 Mar 2020, at 18:51, timsinc Sinclair <> wrote:

Very easy advice from the couch. If you already happen to be far awide
from home?

That's me, Campervan Tim

On 20/03/2020, Sandytrax <> wrote:
Jesus, you guys don’t get it!

Stay Home!

No contact with others in a motorhome? Fuel, waste, water etc.etc.

Stay home!

Lots of acrimonious moments on FB and I don’t want to add to those.

Just stay home, your Mum and Dad or someone else’s is at risk!

In Greece they have far less cases than here, but they have closed
all bars,
restaurants, hotels, campsites etc.
Why not here?

Surely you can paint the house or something?

Best wishes

On 20 Mar 2020, at 17:47, Bennett Family <>

Sounds sensible to me. Only potential problem is if the driver is
& too ill to drive so really need 2 drivers and I’d opt for
staying within
4 or 5 hours drive of home.


On 20 Mar 2020, at 17:36, Andy Clarke via Groups.Io
<> wrote:

I think the advice to stay at home is to avoid unnecessary
contact with
others, personally I don't see a problem with going away in the
for a few days as long as we're completely self sufficient and
don't have
contact with anyone else. We keep our van stocked with a couple
of days
worth of essentials anyway, the fuel and LPG tanks are full, we don't
generally use campsites so we'd be as isolated as we would be at


On Fri, 20 Mar 2020 at 17:17, Sandytrax <
<>> wrote:
Well that looks like home to me. And that’s where everyone should

What part of STAY AT HOME do people not understand?

I had to postpone my trip around Greece and flew back to Bristol from
Athens yesterday.
I’ve left my van at Athens airport until who knows when.

Everything in Greece is closed or closing.
So it should be here.

Wake up folks!
This IS a crisis!
And it WILL get worse.

Enjoy staying at home


*It'll all be OK in the end. If it's not OK, it's not the end*


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