Re: Where should we go for the weekend?

timsinc Sinclair

Fine advice for those that have got a home .....other than their van.
Still I guess that's few of you. Dilemma for me and two other vans
pitched here thousands of miles away from panic shoppers of the UK.

Suppose the old slogan Keep Calm and Carry on no longer applies.


On 21/03/2020, Derek Sims <derek.sims@...> wrote:
The solution to these concerns could be quite simple: Advice from the NHS in
holiday areas: "If you get Corvid 19 symptoms here, but are not resident in
the area, you will not be treated here and will have to return home for
treatment". That might focus a few minds.


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We live in Devon and much we would love to see you in normal times, not at
present, thank you. If you get sick whilst you are here you will place an
extra burden on our system. Stay at home.

I am 75 and suffer from Asthma attacks - my nearest hospital is 26 miles

We planned to be on the NC500 next month. We will stay at home.


On 20/03/2020 23:03, Mick Potter wrote:

I agree with Andy, going away in the 'van involves no more contact with
anyone else than staying at home. And it's contact that is important, not
staying in one place.

We had planned to go to Spain for Semana Santa, but that's obviously not
on: maybe we'll go to the West Country, or Suffolk, or Scotland for a week
or two. We're self - contained, so no danger to us or anyone else.

Think about why you're doing things and use some common sense; don't just
repeat politicians' slogans.


*It'll all be OK in the end. If it's not OK, it's not the end*

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