Re: Use of your MH for self-isolation?

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Hope it all goes well.


My father had one fitted after a number of problems and he it solved the problem all together – just visits to check the battery.




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I agree but mAny of us are vulnerable so have to be extra careful. 

I got a call this morning and have got to go in for a pacemaker tomorrow. All a rush as apparently my 7 day heart monitor showed lots of 10 sec breaks.  And they phoned the cardiologist at 2140 last night to inform them

We avoided booking our trip via tunnel in January as was awaiting cardiologist appointment. Then waited another 6 weeks for monitor and now this. 

So we will wait now to see how this pandemic goes. 


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How far do folk want to go to stop themselves catching the dreaded bug? I'm getting close to the vulnerable age group and to be honest I/we have changed very little with our life style. I still go out on a regular basis mixing with other people. We still go shopping without wearing gloves etc. If meeting someone I still shake them by the hand. I do volunteer work some nights in a homeless shelter and sometimes the "guests " look as though they could do with a good shower etc, but they are treated no different than anyone else. Maybe it would be better, as I've read somewhere, that it would be best if we all caught the virus and build up our immune system. I don't know. As with any illness there is going to be casualties. 
 Well that's my two bobs worth.

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