Fiat base vehicle extended warranty


Hi All
Long story cut short: purchased brand new (Sept 2018) A/T Tracker LB. Thought it was our dream vehicle so purchased the extended Fiat three year warranty to cover breakdowns/repairs for a cost just under £900. Thanks to the build quality, dealer that "took our money and run" and didn't even know their products along with Sargent not being able to supply a wiring system that could cope with off grid camping - even in the middle of blazing hot summer we were the only ones having to get "gennie" out as batteries were critical and our electrical system kept shutting down!! So summer of 2019 we went to Lincoln show and low and behold found nearly new Fiat based Pilote which we ended up purchasing. Got home and approached Fiat to "transfer" the warranty as neither vehicle was outside the two year initial warranty so it hadn't started/come into force. They said no it had to stay with original vehicle as I hadn't cancelled within the 15 days of purchase WHAT!!!!
So have any of you experienced anything similar and be able to advise please - surely this cannot be right in this day an age - can it? The p/x dealer wasn't interested in the fact there was this extra cover so offered nothing "extra" for it!! 

Very many thanks for reading/responding

Brent Very wet/windy IoW

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