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Derek Sims

Fond memoeies!
We used the St. Gothard Tunnel, no extra toll in those dsys. We crossed Switzerland in a day and stayed at the free aire at Locano overnight. No Swiss Francs so all we could do was window-shop.
We went through Milan to Cremona then out to the coast nr Rimini. It's worth using the toll motorway to take you past the awful, slow coastal road. (We didn't and regretted it, even though we had five months for the trip.

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We’re on route to Greece from Roscoff, France, Switzerland and Italy. The route to Bari with tolls is around 150 euros.
In two days we’ve travelled 600 miles west to east across France mostly without tolls. Some beautiful roads. We decided to fork out 14 euros to save an hour, from 2hours 40 to 1hour 40 from Orleans to Chablis. It was worth it.
Next stop Basel and a lovely vignette!


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