Re: Toll roads in Europe

timsinc Sinclair

This obsession for avoiding toll roads amazes me when often it saves
as much on fuel and running costs.

I agree it does depend on whether time and weather (ie, not bitter
winter) is on your side. If so, yes I avoid autoroutes for the sheer
pleasure of exploring. But otherwise, I don't need to research
websites - I just tell the sat-nav.

Campervan Tim

On 20/02/2020, Tim Atkinson <> wrote:
The best free online map I've found so far for France is this

but it's static - no zooming


--Tim A

On 20/02/2020 11:42, skevmd via Groups.Io wrote:
On Michelin maps toll roads have distance measurements in red and in
blue on non-toll roads


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