Re: Toll roads in Europe

Tim Atkinson

Just had a look at viamichelin and the toll markings as described are not very accurate - the motorway A16 between Calais and Boulogne is not a toll road and the A25 Dunquerque to Lille is not toll either but both are marked with a yellow band down the middle...


--Tim A

On 10/02/2020 16:20, Alan Morris wrote:
On Mon, 10 Feb 2020 at 14:21, Sandytrax <> wrote:

After a lots of internet searching - etc - I can't seem to find a clear map of Europe's toll roads.
Any suggestions?
Brian I suggest that you use Michelin maps. Motorways are marked on
their maps as two red lines with a yellow band in the centre for toll
roads, and two red lines with a white central band for non-toll.


The old paper Michelin maps I used to buy also mark the toll roads
with the same colours. Other digital (off-line) maps that I use in
Oziexplorer do the same.

If you use them to plan a route, you can avoid tolls by selecting "Avoid Tolls".


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